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DataNexus is data delivery. Simplified.

Data routing, data storage, data processing, deployment automation, configuration managment, monitor, audit, security compliance, and security enforcement.

Open Source Edition

  • Automation of data stores for configuration and deployment.
  • Move data from Oracle, MSSQL, & Postresql using our CDC connection.
  • Acquire data from files, streams and data stores via Apache Kafka.
  • Write SQL, JSON, KV and streaming data to any data store.
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Enterprise Edition: Single Environment, All 4 Modules

$75,000 per year

  • All Features and Components for a Single Environment.
  • DataNexus Core
  • DataNexus Flows
  • DataNexus Security
  • DataNexus Operations
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Our Enterprise Edition is available by license only and includes all the Open Source features, plus the following components:

  • Automated provisioning via CLI, API and UI.
  • Full certificate and key management for all components of the platform.
  • Filter, mask, and augment data streams in-flight.
  • Advanced telemetry logging and machine learning capabilities.
  • Advanced secure data sharing and audit logging.
  • Automated operational support capabilities.


Single environment Annual Licensing pricing starts at $25,000 per year for a single module or $75,000 per year for all 4 modules. Additionally the support costs are $50,000 per year per environment. Discounts applied for 3 or more environments and program in place for managed service providers to license for multi-tenant at discounts as well.

Use our solution to replace Millions of dollars in legacy data integrations, databases and custom code in no time with a proven ROI in highly regulated industries. Works on AWS, Azure, GCP, Red Hat Openstack & Openshift as well as on dedicated hardware leveraging key features available on Intel architecture.